Delhi Govt forcing to pay salary from Students funds, accuses DU Principal Association

New Delhi. The Delhi University Principal’s Association has accused Delhi Government for not paying the funds of government funded colleges. On Wednesday the Principal Association has demanded the demanded the release of 200 crore dues of the funds of the colleges, describing the allegations of disturbances in the college fund as misleading and disappointing. Association said that if fund is released than teachers and employees salary can be given as soon as possible.

Earlier Manish Sisodia has alleged that accounts of colleges are funded badly. Also he accused the college of having sufficient funds. Delhi University Principal Association on Thursday responded to these allegations by organising a press conference. This conference was addressed by General Secretary Manoj Sinha including President Jasivander Singh. Both officials said that the Delhi Government issues funds to the funded colleges under the plan and non plan head.

It is mentioned everywhere that money can’t be transferred from one item to another, but Sisodia is asking colleges to issue salaries to teachers from College student society fund, which is collected from students for special activities. This fund can’t be transferred to any other head, but Sisodia is asking colleges to do this. Association said that Student society fund is collected from students across the country, it is operated under rules of UGC.

Fund needed is 270 crore

DU principal association has called Sisodia’s statement misleading, which says that adequate funds have been alloted to colleges. Association informed that during academic session 2019-20 DU colleges were provided with 245 crore Rupees. But during the current session with increase of 10% colleges need to be provided with 270 crores, but till July only 37.5 crore rupees has been alloted to colleges. While in ideal situation Delhi government should have released 35% funds by July.

DU Principals Association dismissed Deputy CM’s allegations related to college audit. Principal Associations said that six colleges whose identities have been revealed for the special audit is a matter of concern. This audit is being done because favourite members have not been elected in the governing body of these colleges. Under the rules of UGC and JFR colleges do the audit annually. Delhi government and CAG also investigates the accounts every year.

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