PUBG MOBILE New Updates goes live, brings more Fun for the gamers


  • MAD MIRAMAR MAP has been updated with new features
  • EVO GROUND is live
  • MYSTERIOUS JUNGLE is live with mysterious features
  1. The new update named Classic Maramari as MAD MIRAMAR
    An Oasis has been added to the northern part of the map and Urban Ruins is now to the northwest. More housing areas, roads, and resources have been added so you’ll need to pick your landing spot and battles wisely.
    Added a race track that runs through the whole map and is perfect for motorheads. A racetrack has also been added which runs through whole map, prefect for motor heads
    New Miramar Map Vehicle: Golden Mirado. Only 1 will spawn on the map so be the first to claim it and show off your riches in the desert!
    Miramar’s New Vending Machine: Get Energy Drinks or Painkillers from Vending Machines scattered around the map. You might even be lucky enough to get 8 drinks at a time!
    Sandstorm effects. If you attack Vending machine , an alert to near by enemies will land you in danger.
    There is a chance for areas in Miramar and the Main Menu to be ravaged by Sandstorms.

Bluehole Mode: Erangel will now have 2 zones, an outer and inner zone. The inner zone is the newest addition which will represent the next playzone location. Players will lose health while in this inner zone as long as the outer zone is present. Once the outer zone finishes shrinking to the inner circle, a new inner zone will appear.
All supplies spawn with a 50% increase over the Classic Mode Erangel map and players can revive downed teammates in 4 seconds.

New Classic Mode Content: Jungle Adventure
PUBG Mysterious Jungle

During the event, when searching for a match in Sanhok there is a random chance to enter the new Jungle Adventure Mode. This mode adds a variety of features and challenges not present in Sanhok.

Jungle Food: Fruit and other foods grow in the wild. Eating them may grant mysterious effects.
Hot Air Balloon: Control a Hot Air Balloon to survey the battlefield.

Idol Worshipping : In this new Jungle Adventure mode, another great feature is the addition of power statues. There are a total of three statues of different colors Red,Green & yellow. All these statues contain different powers and give out different items when players pray in front of them.

Gun P90 : The P90 has been added to the Arena and it’s a fearsome weapon in close quarters combat.
This weapon fires 9mm rounds and has a default magazine capacity of up to 50 shots. It has three different firing modes: single, burst, and full-auto.
The P90 can be equipped with all SMG Muzzle attachments, 1x-6x Scope, and the Laser Sight.

Classic Mode Improvements

Few classic mode improvements which will bring more fun to the players as per PUBG Mobile arr
Canted Sight
A new attachment, Canted Sight, will now spawn, and is compatible with most assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, light machine guns, and some shotguns.
The Canted Sight is a new attachment that can be equipped alongside other scopes and acts as a close-range scope.
Canted Sight settings can be adjusted in two ways:
Preferences can be set in the Settings and it supports adjustments to the customized interface.
Canted Sight Crosshair style and color can also be changed in the Settings.

PUBG mobile has New Security Features for the player preventing cheaters to loot the points – Point Protection Matches

In matches where players lose points due to being killed by cheaters and players using plug-ins, after the system confirms that your killer was cheating, the match will become a Point Protection Match. All points deducted in the match will be returned to players and a notice will be sent via in-game mail. Cheaters are usually found very quickly, but there may be some delay.
Cheer Park: It is a social area that can accommodate 20 players at any time. It has most of the basic Training Ground features, and lets players interact with other players in real-time:

Players can view the information of other players, chat, interact with Emotes, and add friends.
Players can team up with other players and play matches in various modes.
Players can invite their friends to interact and roast chicken together in Cheer Park.

Players can also engage in various activities while in Cheer Park:

Duel: Players can have 1v1 duels with other players.
Hunt Game: The Hunt Game that was featured in the anniversary celebrations is also available in Cheer Park. Give it a try!
The Shooting Range is a way to show off your shooting skills and compete against the other players in the Cheer Park. You can also share your results in chats.

Royale Pass Season 13: Toy Playground
PUBG Royal Pass 13

The Cartoon Rangers are waiting for you in this toy-themed Royale Pass: Choose either Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger at Rank 50 and get the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100 to have the time of your life. The Puppet Agent outfit has three forms that you can mix and match; reach the highest rank to upgrade the outfit to mythic rarity!
Complete Toy Mastery of the Puppet Agent series to unlock cool upgrades for the outfit. Create a squad and progress in special missions together with friends to complete them quicker.
The RP mission reminders on the result page have been redesigned to make it easier for players to see their mission progress.
Reminders have also been added at the beginning and the end of the season.RP push notifications and tutorial guides have been improved.

Guncraft Finishes
GunCraft feature

Obtain weapons to customize the color, patterns, and emblems of the finishes.
Players can edit emblems by overlapping basic images to create the Emblem they like.
Weapon finish materials can be obtained from the wheel, but some materials can also be purchased directly.
Graffiti can also be exchanged for stickers that can be applied to weapons as a finish.
Brothers in Arms Improvements
Brothers in Arms improvements: players can enter the Brothers in Arms screen from Lobby.
Improvements to the Brothers in Arms UI for Veterans and Rookies: secondary information has been minimized to focus on training related operations.
Revision of matching rules: Veterans can choose Duo and Squad modes at the same time to find a match.
Brothers in Arms Battle Improvements: Rookies will follow Veterans automatically when jumping so players can’t jump solo.
Improved support for Brothers in Arms: added Brothers in Arms missions to daily missions and RP missions.

New Currency
Ace Gold Currency PUBG

Added a new currency called AG (AceGold). After the update, all Silver rewards will be replaced with AG in events (this will not be implemented for events that started before the update).
The price of most items purchasable with UC in the Shop will be changed to an AG price. When a player doesn’t have enough AG, UC can be used to make up for the difference.
Royale Pass UC rewards will now have two options. Players will be able to choose either a 30 UC or 400 AG (equivalent to 40 UC) reward at the corresponding rank.
Improved the 30 UC Crate: adjusted the items from the crate and changed the default draw price to 300 AG. UC can be used to make up the difference when the player doesn’t have enough AG. Previous Supply Crate Coupons can still be used.

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