Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ resumes filming after COVID-19 delay

“The Batman” is going back to work. Robert Pattinson has been cleared to don on the cape and cowl again after his positive COVID-19 test brought production on the comic book movie to a standstill. Pattinson’s positive COVID-19 test brought the project to a screeching halt last month, just days after production first resumed in the wake of the initial shut down in March.

The star and studio never confirmed if he was the production member with the positive test, and have not revealed if anyone else contracted the deadly virus. However, Variety sad it had confirmed the initial reports that Pattinson was the sick crew member. It was not clear to what extent Pattinson — best known for his breakout role in the vampire movie series Twilight — was suffering COVID-19 symptoms.

A Warner Bros spokesperson did tell Variety that production has resumed in the UK. Pattinson’s positive result came just as the industry was deciphering how to “return to work” and keep the film industry going amid the pandemic. Production resumed on the comic book film on September 1, and was shut down just two days later in the wake of Pattinson’s health scare.

The Batman production team had only managed to get 25 per cent of the filming done before the pandemic hit and has already prompted the studio to push back the film’s release to October 2021, according to Variety. It comes after Pattinson gave a bizarre interview to GQ magazine during his first lockdown in May.

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