Skin care tips for men from shaving to acne

Gone are the days when being unkempt was a sign of masculinity. Women desire a well-kept and groomed man, but you don’t have to get mani-pedis for this. And you can find a lot of information on beauty tips for women, but beauty tips for men, well, not as much. Only cleansing and moisturizing is not enough to keep male skin healthy and clean. To avoid dry, dull and brittle skin you need to follow this easy skin care regime. We provide you with a list of beauty tips for men that can prove to be very helpful. So, here are some skincare tips for men.

Keep your skin clean
Skin care tips for men
How to keep your skin clean?

To help you get a clean shaven look & prevent acne & pimples, it is important to have clean skin. So, wash your face at night to get rid of the excess oil & dust that you may pick up during the day. This will help you with get a clean shave & avoid cuts.

Always apply sunscreen

Another thing men tend to ignore is the sunscreen. You must apply a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30. It is not the heat that causes tanning but the sun rays that spoils the colour and texture of your skin. To minimize tanning, apply it on your face as well as hands. Make sure you apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before heading out, so it gets absorbed better.


Exfoliation is a great way to achieve glowing skin. This process gets rid of dead cells & improves circulation. Exfoliate everyday to enhance the radiance of your skin.


It’s important to moisturise, but excess moisturiser can lead to skin problems, due to clogged pores. Try using a light moisturiser after a shave and before going to bed. This helps to prevent irritation of the skin.


When you have more than four-five pimples, it is acne. This skin condition is prevalent amongst teenagers, but a lot of adults also suffer from acne as well. Avoid products that trigger acne, follow a balanced diet to reduce the inflammation of the skin, chew your food properly and avoid oily, spicy and pungent food. Also, drink a lot of liquids.

Dry skin

Rejuvenate dry skin by hydrating it. Dry skin may be caused by environmental changes, age, genetics and temperature. Drink water, apply moisturiser and exfoliate your skin, these are the basic steps to fight dry skin.

Oily skin

Hormonal changes, stress, environment and genetics are the reason for oily skin. Wash your face with a mild skin cleanser, avoid oily food, avoid using soaps, especially strong soaps on the face and drink plenty of water.


Blackheads are a precursor to acne as they attract bacteria, dead cells and oil. Blackheads are triggered by hormones and appear on the nose, forehead and cheekbones. Clean the skin regularly with a good facewash and avoid spending too much of time in the sun. Use nose strips to get rid of the blackheads.


Visible holes on the skin and around the nose are known as open pores. It is important to maintain the hygiene of the skin to prevent acne and skin infection. Drink water, exfoliate your skin and apply a light moisturiser to get rid of open pores. Clean pores are less visible.


Men can also get flawless skin and get rid of wrinkles. Wrinkles are prominent on the forehead, the corner of the eyes and the mouth. Over exposure to the sun causes wrinkles, but plenty of sleep, the right posture, a good face wash, an antioxidant rich diet and Omega-3s can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How to shaving?

Shaving tips for you

You may get a closer shave, while shaving against the hair growth but this can cause inflammation as it irritates the hair and can damage the skin. So, it is important to shave in the direction of the hair growth.

Don’t shave dry

Dry skin causes friction and results in irritation of the skin, cuts, ingrown hair and acne. Lather the shaving cream with water to get a clean shave and avoid skin problems. It is advisable to shave after a shower for better results, as the hair and the skin are supple.

Select the right razor(Blade)

To avoid irritation of the skin, do not apply too much pressure on the skin while shaving. It is also important to change the blades regularly, to avoid bacterial growth.

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