Sushant Singh Rajput Case : Murder or Suicide? Will be clear by Sunday

New Delhi. In Sushant Singh Rajput case, there can be a big disclosure on Sunday, 20th September. AIIMS experts will decide whether Sushant was killed on June 14 or whether he committed suicide. This latter decision will be made through Sushant’s autopsy report or viscera report.

Important meeting will be held on Sunday

A panel led by AIIMS forensic Expert Dr. Sudhir Gupta will hold an important meeting on Sunday. It will discuss the autopsy report and viscera report of Sushant Singh Rajput. The panel will then give its final opinion on Sushant’s death.

Viscera was done twice

In Sushant Singh Rajput Case, AIIMS Doctors have done visra again. Earlier the Cooper Hospital in Mumbai done viscera but after the CBI Investigation, it was asked to re-examine. Doctors will also give opinion on whether poison was given before Sushant’s death. 20% viscera of Sushant was kept safe. Based on that, doctors wil give their report.

Senior Officials may meet

According to media reports, a meeting will be held between Nupur Prasad, Anil Yadav and other senior officials to decice further strategy in Sushant Singh Case. Nupur Prasad and Anil Yadav will inform their superiors about the evidence available in the case and the statements recorded since August 22.

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