Vaccine to be created by 2020 for youth and healthy people, Says WHO

New Delhi. India and whole world is waiting for the Corona Vaccine. In world youth and healthy people will have to wait till 2022, said WHO. It was said by WHO that vaccine would be provied firstly to health workers, the elderly and those who are ill. After this, the groups that are most at risk of getting infected with the corona virus will be provided the vaccine.

WHO’s chief scientist Dr. Saumya Swaminathan on wednesday said that mostly people have agreed that vaccine should be given to health workers on priority basis. Among them also you have to identify those who are most at risk of infection. Then elderly and then other people will be vaccinated. A normal and healthy person may have wait for the vaccine until 2022.

Expecting the vaccine to out by 2021, Dr. Swaminathan said that initially it would be availabe in limited qunatity. So countries will have to set its priorities for their use. The Strategic Advisory Group Committee of Experts of WHO has recently issued guidelines for distribution of vaccine to countries. It is said that highest priority should be given to health workers and elderly.

Apart from this people already experiencing health problems, pregnant women and children have also been advised to count in high risk groups and they should be given vaccine on priority.

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